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How Has The Demoition Program In Jackson Effected property Values?

Burtch, Dobies and some other council members keep repeating that property values in Jackson are increasing due to the widespread demolition program in effect since 2011.

Now that election season is in full swing, some candidates for mayor and council claim their efforts in support of demolition and their other programs have increased property values since they were elected in 2011. Once candidate claimed that average residential property values have incleased from about $32,000 in 2011 to over $52,000 as of June 30th. The data compiled from city records and available at the click of a mouse below says otherwise. To see the overall average change for the entire city click at the bottom of the map.

At the April 28th "Special Council Meeting" on the budget, it was reported in MLive "There are some wards that have seen an increase of 90 percent in home values," Councilman Derek Dobies, 6th Ward, said. "An economic turnaround alone doesn't produce numbers like that."

City manager added that the values have increased 140-200% in some areas. Laura Schlecte added her support to the claims.

All three public figures supposedly based their opinions on information extracted from the Multiple Listing Service of the Jackson Board of Realtors and processed by a local "Young Professional".

Burtch may be correct in that they could find one house somewhere in the city that had such a value increase. It is easy to surmise that for political purposes they would select a home valued at $10k, fixed up and resold for $20k to support the 200% claim.

Dobies claim of a 90% increase in home values in some wards. Again it is easy to pick and choose to support statements such as these to deceive the public in defense of an ill conceived and destructive program.

The data compiled and available with the click of a mouse on the map below was taken from the on line data posted by the city on the AccessMyGov website (not on any Open Data Portal as promised).

Foreclosures, reconveyance, sales under $10,000, Not Open Market (NOM) were excluded to prevent distortion of the results. Multiple entries for properties bought as a block (5 parcels bought by same party with the same price listed 5 times) were recognized and flagged as duplicates so only one entry was utilized.

We feel this process has resulted in a realistic data set which does not support the claims of the city officials. We are awaiting their comments.

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