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The Misplaced Priorities Of The Sitting City Council And Mayoral Wannabee Marty Griffin. Lets look at the record:

The picture above is indicative of this ill conceived venture to create a city center "plaza" on the foundation of the now demolished Consumers Energy headquarters building, first made public through an architectural rendering below:

The photo at the top reveals a sparsely attended event on a nice summer day. Not at all like the architectural rendering crowded with citizens and events and rows of food trucks along each side of the central area. The most popular attraction has been showing free movies with popcorn provided by the DDA. Who wouldn't attend. John Wilson had it right when they first announced this project: Fill the old foundation in with dirt, plant some grass and let the Frisbee's fly. Total cost about $150,000 as opposed to the current expenditure of over $1 million and more costly additions weekly. This project was supposed to help attract a developer to the Hotel Hayes. That developer bought the Hayes for a $1 option. It is rumored that this developer has pulled out while the city is spending $1.6 million for a parking lot behind the Hayes as part of the $1 option agreement. Who cares, Other Peoples Money as the saying goes.

The latest addition is an amphitheater like structure with a stage and display for the Consumers Energy mosaic mural depicting the utilities dreams of a nuclear future. This "commercial" piece of "artwork" is to be central to the newly formed city arts commission efforts to create something upon which to place a plaque with Derek Dobies name prominently engraved. This "arts commission", proposed by Derek Dobies was to cost the city nothing. Immediately after creation it was awarded $130,000 seed money for the CE mural enclosure with more to follow. The "Arts Commission" was seeded with people who support the mural enclosure and other such frivolous projects. The "CE" mural belongs in the CE purchased old Woolworth building being converted to the focal point of the "Anchor Initiative". This already heated building would obviate the need for the new heated enclosure pushed by Dobies and the Arts Commission. As you can see from the architectural rendering, the only thing missing will be the kitchen sink.

In keeping with the Jackson city hall tradition of finding every federal grant or tax dollar that would be better spent on some necessary project such as sweeping the streets, cleaning the gutters clogged with leaves and debris, paving crumbling streets which have been undermined by the undrained storm water and funding more police, the city funded the CE park, a rebuild of Austin Blair Park and installed a playground in an island area surrounded by three streets. Amazingly enough this unnecessary project was undertaken in the 5th Ward apparently to garner political support for the councilman running for reelection.

And here is another gift to the 5th Ward and the only one of its kind in the city. Some call it the "Stacy Harrison Park".

We use hundreds of thousands of tax dollars and grants to resurface basketball courts while demolishing some homes that could be rehabilitated and returned to the tax rolls, closing fire stations and maintaining an understaffed police department. Because of these out of whack priorities, we are number 50 in the list of the 100 highest crime rate cities in America.

These are contributing factors when new businesses and factories decide to look elsewhere. Why would a CEO whose tires were damaged by the pothole filled streets while driving past dilapidated commercial structures with peeling paint, a city owned business incubator dotted with peeling paint and rotting bricks and city block after city block punctuated with vacant lots, some weed filled, where once proud homes stood, choose to locate in Jackson.

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