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What Would Freddie Dancy Bring To The Table As A 2nd Ward Councilperson?

Lets Look At Freddie Dancy and the skill set he would bring to the Jackson City Council

Freddie Dancy's Linkedin Resume shows a man of many talents, none of which seem a good fit for the Jackson City Council and don't appear to demonstrate the probelm solving skills needed to pull the city out of our slide to an Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) in the next four to six years.

Why is Freddie Dancy running for 2nd Ward Council? It is possible that he, being a friend of Laura Schlecte, had been asked to run for the seat to help her with a controlling majority on the council. Laura, Freddie, Melissa, Dobies and Greer would constitute a controlling majority to help push the Burtch agenda.

Without Laura in the mayors seat, the gang of 5 will be reduced to the gang of 4 but will still constitute a slim majority to push the same failing agenda we have seen for the last 4 years. That must not happen.

We need serious and capable people on the council to deal with the serious problems facing the city. Realtors like Marty Griffin, the Butter Man and local artists like Melissa Morse are not the answer.

Lets not elect Freddie Dancy to the 2nd Ward council seat. He would bring nothing but support for the Burtch agenda.

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