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Dan Greer Has Been A Councilman Forever And Was Last Reelected in 2013

  • Dan is up for reelection again. Should he be returned to office based on his record and recent his actions regarding the NDO referendum and influence from Consumers Power?.
  • In the thousands of emails obtained through the FOIA process, were many communication between CE attorneys and Daniel Greer suggesting he support the NDO this time around after opposing similar ordinances during his previous 14 years on the council. He did their bidding to impose an ordinance which violates the basic due process rights of citizens.

    What changed his mind? Perhaps Consumers Energy pressure and support with campaign mailings made by a CE lobbying firm on his behalf had an effect? The CE connection with some council members should be questioned and when you go to the polls on November 7th, think about whose interests Greer will be voting for.

    Lets Look At The Job He Has Done For Jackson

    • Dan has been on the council for over 14 Years.
    • During that time he has supported every ordinance and resolution that has cost the city precious dollars and exposed the city to lawsuits from ex-employees of the city, ex-employees of the Jackson Housing Commission and disgruntled citizens. Greer's understanding of these complex issues is unremarkable.

      He joined with two other council persons to violate the Open Meetings Act by allegedly conspiring to oust then city manager Larry Shaffer and in his stead, appoint Patrick Burtch to that position.

    • Greer Renders A Legal Opinion
    • Greer, an ex used car salesman and table dealer at an Indian casino rendered his legal opinion on the storm water fee in an article in a Jackson newspaper:

      Councilman Carl Breeding, who voted against the fee, maintains it is a tax because property owners have to pay more for a service. β€œIt looks like the city is just trying to get money,” Breeding said.

      Greer said the city could have done a better job of explaining the need for the fee and tried to be fair to businesses. But he said the city should not give in to the threat of court action.

      β€œI believe we're on firm legal ground,” Greer said. The court disagreed.

    • Greer Engages In A Petty Squabble Embarrassing The Council.
    • Greer engages Brad Flory, a columnist with the Jackson Citizen Patriot in a petty squabble unbefitting a city council person.

    • Greer Doesn't Think Citizens Should Be Able To Provide Input At Special Meetings.
    • At a special meeting of the council on April 14th 2014, Greer objected to adoption of the agenda which included a public comment section. He did not think the public should be able to comment at special meetings of the council. Fortunately reason prevailed in the form of correcting his misperception.

    • Greer the lone holdout for a raise
    • Greer goes against the grain and supports a raise for himself while the other council members realize that in these hard times where residents are struggling to survive, looking greedy does not sit well with voters.

    • Greer Runs for Reelection
    • Daniel Greer ran for reelection in 2013 unopposed and amazingly enough won. Dan used that lack of opposition as a sign of apathy and a green light to oppose the will of the people and apparently, violate the residency requirements in the 3rd Ward.

      What we do know is that Daniel Greer filed his Affidavit of Identity on May 1, 2013 certifying that his address was 610 N Waterloo Apt 1 and that he was registered and qualified to vote from that address. This does not appear to be true as he was registered and voted from 810 Loomis St., his mothers house, both before and after signing the affidavit.

      We also know that Greer was married for a while to a lady who lived in Portage and that he worked selling insurance from and office near or in Portage. While unproven, it is suspected that Daniel Greer was in fact living in Portage MI while serving on the council as a 3rd ward resident and councilman.

      Daniel Greer

      What, Me Worry?

      Daniel Greer voted in November 2012 thus certifying his voter registration and address as 810 Loomis St.

      Daniel Greer again voted in November 2013 thus certifying his voter registration and address as 810 Loomis St.

      Daniel Greer's voting record brackets the date that he certified his address as 610 N. Waterloo St Apt 1 and shows his registered voter location as 810 Loomis St both before and after the certification. Did Daniel Greer misrepresent his voting address on his affidavit, a felony offense:

      Daniel Greer should have been prosecuted but multiple requests for such action resulted in a "pass" from the good old boy network. Judge for yourself when you vote November 7th
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