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Consumers Energy Headquarters Downtown Jackson

Consumers Energy Put The Squeeze On Jackson

C.E. through threatening to leave downtown Jackson pushed the city into agreements which have come back to haunt us.

The City of Jackson was required to take all the property needed for the "Consumers Power Campus", demolish all the structures and get the site ready for C.E. In the process of doing so, several businesses had to be "relocated" and new buildings built to house them at the cities expense. A few million here, a few million there. What is the big deal when the funding for all these expenditures, made with borrowed money, will be paid for with the proceeds from the Tax Increment Funding district as new businesses locate in downtown Jackson, property taxes will flow freely into the city's coffers as with the income taxes p[aid by all the new employees. Even the downtown restaurants would be flooded with C.E Customers until C.E. built a cafeteria in the new building. There was no brighter future for Jackson then city manager Warren Renando said. The worn out mayor Martin Griffin agreed and did most of the council.

Hasn't turned out that way has it? The city faces a huge mounting debt crisis over the next several years and a competent city council which will not be snowed by a very persuasive city manager is in order.

One of the major components of this pending debt crisis is the parking structures built by the city for C.E. employees. The city spends some $750,000 per year maintaining these structures and paying the debt service on them. The revenues from parking come to about $250,000 for a net loss to the city of about $500,000 yearly.

Recognize This Between Wendy's and Jackson Glass Company?

Another City Owned Parking Lot For Consumers Energy

Here is a huge parking lot built for CE as part of the Jackson-C.E. deal that also gave us the multi-million dollar parking structures. Drive to the north end of Water Street and into this lot. No access off any main street. No access from Wendy's. No access from Comtronics. No one uses this lot, not even the thousands of C.E. employees that never materialized to save the city by paying large sums in taxes. They are still working in Blackman Township at the C.E. complex there. Like the parking structures, the city has to maintain these parking lots with hundreds of unused spaces. Cracked pavement, weeds growing up, uncut lawns. Such a lovely inviting site. Oh, by the way, the city can't sell it or let anyone build on this unused space. The antique style light standards add a finishing touch. Marty Griffin should be proud as well as Greer. They were sitting as mayor and councilman when these insane agreements were signed.

We have received information from a close supporter of our efforts who received information directly from a salaried city employee, that the manager is trying to negotiate our way out of this particular issue. We hope C.E. will buy these structures from the city. However, knowing how C.E. negotiated the original deals with the city where they were able to manipulate the negotiations, C.E. will probably offer $5 million or so that the city can use to pay down part of the debt and still be responsible for the remainder. Another squeeze on Jackson to benefit C.E.. Lets hope our current city manager is more sophisticated.

C.E. needs to buy the parking lots for the full amount of the outstanding debt which will free up $750,000 a year to pay for needed city services like more police on the streets to fight crime. No more giveaways to C.E. They can't leave now

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